Friday, March 30, 2007

I've Said It Before And I'll Say It Again

The Internet is an amazing thing.

I got home on the 4:00 bus this afternoon.

I missed Micah by thaaat much.

His band was scheduled to play their Music Festival pieces, and then "O Canada" to start the JUNO Cup game at the Art Hauser Center, here in Prince Albert.

The band teacher was given a block of half price tickets to offer to band students and their families, so we bought 2.

Hillary ended up coming home with me on the bus so she could use one of the tickets, and she and Randall went off to join Micah at the Arena for the game.

Now, TSN was supposed to broadcast the game, live, on the Internet.

I didn't care too much about going to the game, (especially after a week away and a long day on the bus) but I wanted to see Micah's band play, so we found the TSN website, and I was able to catch the opening ceremonies, band and all.

While I type this in one window, I've got the game going in another.


I can drink hot lemon tea, go put on my long johns and a sweatshirt if I like... I think I might like... and type or play a game while I keep an eye and an ear on the game.

Technology is too cool.

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