Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Still Vertically Challenged

I made it to my Parents' place.

I missed spring- that seems to have taken place last week. This week we've skipped past summer and gone straight into autumn. As I speak... er, write... the wind is blowing to beat the band and when we came in a couple of hours ago it was trying awfully hard to rain or snow or something.


The visit is going well.

It's only been about 24 hours, after all.

It was "Kids Club" day at their Church, so I went along with Mom to help... or something!

They pretty much had the help department covered.

I was incredibly impressed. There were 8 kids out today (some had been grounded, and some had appointments at school...) and 6 volunteers, (not counting myself).


For a very small church, they did themselves proud, I think.

After Club, Dad picked us up and we hit the Chinese Restaurant for supper.

The best Won Ton soup I think I've ever had.

Then, just to keep life interesting, Mom and I went up to the hospital to get a line on the rash she'd developed during the day, and that had progressed from "Interesting! Where did that come from?" to "STOP THE ITCHING NOW!!!"

Turns out she probably had an allergic reaction to an antibiotic she started taking last week. If they gave her a shot of Benedryl, did she have someone to drive her home? I being ready, willing and able,  they gave her the shot, which should make her drowsy.

We sat around for a while, playing cribbage with a board and a pack of playing cards one of the nurses found for us, to see if the itch would slow down. 

She was still itchy, but thankfully clear headed, when we turned in the cribbage board and went home.

Thankfully clear headed, I say, because although I was ready and willing to drive home, turns out I was not able. The seat didn't slide far enough forward... I couldn't reach the gas pedal enough to drive. Just the barest tip of my little children's size 4 1/2  running shoe touched the littlest bit of the pedal.


Once again, my handicap rules the day.

And now everyone has gone to bed, and I think I will join them.

Well, not actually join them, we're not that closely knit... I have my own bed in the basement!

And I'm going there now.


  1. oh, oh, oh my.... tears of laughter. I so have to meet you! I can't imagine ANY adult having such tiny feet!

    I wear a 10 sometimes even an 11 depending on the shoe. Most of my running shoes are 11's, for that extra toe room.

    OK, I'm going to make it to your church once moving settles down and I'm in my groove again!

    It's a date! :)

    Look for the tall lady with a kid on her hip and another trailing behind! :)

  2. I'm with Robin in the tears of laughter department.

    I can just picture stretching your toes towards the gas pedal, sliding lower under the steering wheel to touch it just barely. The thought of you driving in that position! Well. The picture in my mind is quite hilarious. Hope your mom's itch is gone by now.

  3. it is not a handicap, it's just that you are vertically challenged.

    but I have small feet as well (uk size 5 - not sure of what the us/canadian sizes are)

    and for a 44 yr old, it can be fun getting shoes to fit.

    god bless


  4. Ian! We should go shoe shopping together! And then celebrate 44 yrs! (my next birthday age on the 24th of this month... in case anyone wants to know!) I think the last time I bought shoes in the UK they were size 3... I think... of course, that was 25 years ago... but my feet are almost the same size they were then!

    And this DOES NOT mean that Ian and I are less "under-standing" then the rest of you!