Friday, March 23, 2007

You Don't Realize How Dependent Your People Are

Until you're going away, and you start trying to leave instructions for meals.

I've done some initial meal prep for them, and I have 4 pages of instructions.

Just for the evening meals.

Each day's list starts out, "Before you go to school, take the ..... out of the freezer." 

This is followed by instructions for where to put it to thaw, or how to put it in the oven and set the oven to start at 3:30...

I was sort of laughing about how detailed the directions had to be for everything from cooking rice to reheating frozen chili, when my husband reminded me how pathetic I am when it comes to following instructions for getting a picture on my blog... and I am humbled again!

At least it sounds like they may eat what's here instead of... I don't know what they ate the last time I was away... but most of what I left in the freezer remained in the freezer. I went away for a week, and didn't have to cook for almost 2 when I got home! 

It will be good for them.

It might even be easier with no sisters around to bail them out.

They'll be fine.

I'm sure they will...

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  1. Well, I guess if they enjoy a can of beans eaten over the sink, let 'em at it. It's still nutritious and could save you lots of time. :) Those guys are so lucky to have you spoiling them on a regular basis.