Saturday, April 14, 2007

Weird Saturday

Maybe this is what it will be like when the kids leave home...

The boys were at an all night Youth Event, so they crawled home around 9:00 and slithered down the stairs to bed.

Thomas had to get up a couple hours later to go to work, but Micah sleeps on... I will wake him up in a few more hours so he can be up a bit before he goes to bed tonight.

Randall is at the office working.

Thomas is at work.

Micah is in bed.

And the house is so quiet.

I've been shuffling around doing some laundry. Deciding what to bring to the pot luck at church tomorrow. Looking at, and being horrified by, the list of things I signed up to bring for the Conference next weekend. I started baking cookies, upon being reminded that I said I'd bring 4 dozen, and Tuesday is early dismissal day. So far there's 2 dozen gingersnaps for Conference, and 1 dozen gingersnaps for Staff snack on Tuesday. (no gingersnaps for my people... because... I don't think they like them anyway...) 

Why am I here?

Oh, right.

I'm just trying to avoid stuff... making the bed with the clean sheets... ironing the pillowcases and dress shirts... baking some more cookies... 

I suppose I should get back to work... but I'd rather just go lean back in a lawn chair on the deck and let the sun warm my face and the spring breeze caress my hair net covered head... 


  1. As for me, all loaves/cookies/squares were done last week.

    Like you,most likely, just the fruit/cream cheese/crackers stuff to purchase . I had to mention that because I'm not one to EVER do stuff ahead of time.

    I do believe I was shocked into doing it last week, after I made out a schedule for myself for Conference Weekend. I HAD to make a list. My mind was much too cluttered with details to not get it formulated and on paper. So, I'm good to go. Now for some more sleep before all the folks show up!

  2. Show off.

    The weekend is nearly upon us and I've still got squares, muffins and buns to do...

    : )