Monday, April 30, 2007

Well, How Cool Is That?

A couple of months ago, at, I posted "Graham Kerr's Best" as the cookbook of the month, and I emailed him/ his corporation for permission to post a recipe from the book.

This morning there was an answer back, from the gracious man himself, granting permission and giving me his phone number with a request to call him.

It took until after lunch- well, until 10 minutes ago, to be true!- to work up the courage to phone.

And it's all good!

He was so encouraging, and affirming.

He wants to send me a copy of his book, "Charting A Course To Wellness". 

My small efforts, on behalf of healthy eating, are appreciated.


I'm still a little shakey!

Graham Kerr is one of my cooking heroes, and I actually just spoke with him on the telephone!




  1. So we've come to name dropping, have we!!!

    How!! Ya, he has been my hero too, for many a year.

    Way to go, girl. You're getting "up" in the world.

  2. That is so cool! Way to go Lauralea!

  3. next thing you know, they'll be calling you to do a segment on Oprah or something like that! Kudos to you!

  4. :?)

    Lyn - No way. Laura's too cool for Oprah.

  5. Best of all - you have his personal phone number!!!!!