Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Well, The Week's Half Over...

And I don't have a lot to show for it.

Which, on the "taking it easy" scale of things is a good thing.

I was able to finally get to the Art Centre yesterday, but 4 hours later than I had hoped. I did get a plate glazed, and another set out for first firing, and I actually- wait for it...... made something that looks like something on the wheel!

I think it will be a vase; it's kind of differently shaped, but it has a shape and I liked it, and that's what counts. I can picture it with peonies or mums or something in it. I'll need to swing by there later in the week to clean it, and maybe I'll do some carving and color on it.

Micah's home from his visit to his Saskatoon Grandma. She sounded pooped when I phoned to see if he'd made it on the bus. He must be a little tired too, as he's been chilling downstairs since he got home an hour ago.

Tomorrow is my oldest son's birthday.

His birthday marks the beginning of the 4 1/2 months of consecutive ages of my first three children. They will be 17, 18 and 19 until the oldest one's birthday in September. I always enjoyed telling people their ages from April to September. Just to watch their jaws drop and their eyes glaze over.

And today... what's left of it... should be spent making a cheesecake out of the yogurt cheese I made overnight, and maybe putting on my woollies and walking the Avon orders over to the Dental Clinic. We'll see how ambitious I feel!

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