Thursday, May 3, 2007

It's A Good Thing I'm Adaptable

I met my Pottery Pal at the studio this evening and I was looking forward to some wheel time...  but it was not to be.

There was a picture frame to glaze and a little vase to switch from the drying shelves to the firing shelf.

Except that the little vase, which looked sort of like an old fashioned ink pot, had cracked on either side of the neck.

I think that what must have happened, is that the neck was very thin while the rest of the rounded pot was very thick, and the neck dried faster than the rest of the pot, and the shrinkage resulted in cracks.

So, my kind of cute little vase- like pot, with three dainty butterflies carved on one side of the bowl... cracked.

I took out the paper-clay and considered filling the cracks... but deciding that such a course would probably end in a permanently cracked condition, I proceeded to take off the neck altogether.

I lost one butterfly in the transaction, but an hour and a half later I had a passable bowl.

Next time I'll give the wheel a spin.

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