Monday, May 14, 2007

My Travel Reading Has Arrived!

I'm glad!

When I talked to Graham Kerr (note the name dropping!) on the phone a couple of weeks ago, he said he wanted to send me a copy of his book, "Charting A Course To Wellness", which I was exceedingly happy to receive.

I had hoped it would come before I left for Victoria, and it did!


But, the book is here- and my suitcase is almost packed, and I'm almost ready to go.

There are groceries to get, but Randall volunteered for that job... and some me-friendly food things to pop into the bag...  my brown rice and mulit-grain pasta, some NSA jam and peanut butter... some Crystal Lite drink crystals...

I'll need to make a lunch, as I've been advised that Air Canada's Jazz flights don't offer anything, and since we're leaving home around 7:30 to try to get passports done before my flight leaves just before lunch, and I won't arrive in Victoria until just after supper Saskatchewan time... it could be a long day.


I'll bring the new book (and maybe we'll try some of the "more than 430 less-fat and lower-carb recipes" in Victoria) and some knitting (the rules have changed, I guess- good thing, since I think I could do a whole lot more damage clubbing the pilot to death with the new book than I could trying to impale him with a knitting needle...)

For now... I should get back to it, and make sure everything fits in the suitcase... unless I should borrow one of Hillary's new hot-pink 29" pieces of luggage...


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