Friday, May 18, 2007

OK, You Know That Thing We Used To Do?

Not THAT thing...

The thing where we'd stand in a doorway, and put our arms out, and press our hands against the door frame and hold them there, pushing as hard as we could until when we stopped our arms felt light as a feather and floated up?

Well, I've just discovered that you can get the same effect from holding a 21 pound, 9 month old baby for 45 minutes while he wiggles and squirms and tries not to fall asleep...

(His parents are out celebrating their 10th anniversary tonight...)

I REALLY hope he doesn't wake up, because I don't think I could lift him out of his crib again...

And where is the cat coming from? I could swear I've put it out twice... and yet it keeps walking through the kitchen... spooky...


  1. I can totally relate! Sophie is 26 1/2 lbs and STILL not walking! She is the root cause of my aching back.

    The cat thing..... hmmm....... I dunno, maybe there's a window open. OR, maybe there are a few cats that all look the same and they are playing mind games with you!

    Hope you win!


  2. Glad you're having a nice time. Can't remember when I babysat last. Yikes! Hope it goes well. I'll miss you at church this morning. Bring some ocean breeze home will you? If I lived by the ocean, I'd never get to work. I'd just sit there and enjoy it.

  3. Laura, since you seem to enjoy it, I could use some away time from my 2...and you won't have the whole flying arms thing, because they are long mobile. ;o)

    Hope you're having a blast in BC!