Saturday, June 16, 2007

10... 9... 8... 7... 6...5... 4...

And so the countdown begins.

Tomorrow in church everyone will be asking if we're all packed and will be gauging our excitement levels.

Today Randall wants to do a packing "trial run"... which I think involves laying out all that we need to bring and determining if we have a suitable case to pack it in.

We've been looking at buying a suitcase, and he's been wanting a 25 inch one, but I think I worried him the other day by bringing out one of Hillary's new hot pink 29" jobs and putting a portion of the clothing I'll bring inside it... just to get some perspective.

So, we'll see!

(I'm a little worried about that bit, actually... seeing, all laid out the bed, exactly what we're thinking of bringing. Maybe I'm less worried about seeing it, than I am about knowing it will look like far too much...)

I'm also rethinking the Hippy Bars. They're really good, but they're also a bit soft... not squishy, or anything, but just the kind of soft -moist- that makes me think if it were a bit humid they'd mold quickly. Not adding preservatives, (besides the honey) and not having refrigeration guaranteed I'm just not sure...

I'll maybe know a little better after the Doctor's appointment on Monday. I booked it, on the last day of May (which was a Thursday) for the 15th, being informed that I must have the blood work done 10 working days before I wanted the results; so we booked the fasting blood work for the next morning, (June 1) and the follow up appointment for the 15th... but when I went yesterday morning it was to find  that the appointment had been slotted in for the 14th on Thursday morning. Being firmly, and in no uncertain terms told that I had to wait 10 full business days to get the results, I can only conclude that the woman making the appointment had "2 weeks" on the brain and put the appointment in on the Thursday. I'd like to find the appointment card to prove that I'm not losing my mind... and that it was not a case of my forgetting this time... (I live with a bunch of skeptics)

Oh, well.

It's been a nice morning so far. I woke up at 8:00 and just stayed up. No one else really started stirring until about 10:00, so it was nice and quiet.

The husband is gone to the office now, and the boys are both up and the television is on... so I guess the day is officially begun.

Most of our chores are done, so I think it's only a matter of cleaning off the spare room bed for the trial packing, and finding something for the boys to take to the Youth group barbecue...

And the street fair downtown... that only interests me because there's a chance I can cadge a good drink at the Bison Café...

mmm.... London Fog....

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  1. No fog in London, No smog as well.

    just rain and more rain.

    hope to see you both at toni's place on the 1st.jul