Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Pick Up In Aisle Nine

You know you're tired when

You spend half an hour in the shoe department finding a pair of shoes fit for walking

Before wandering through the ladies' clothing department on your way to the underwear section

Only to realize, halfway through the socks

That the cart you are pushing



Momentary panic passes

And you quickly decide that you did not imagine picking out shoes and arch supports quite recently.

Cue the dazed and confused looking woman retracing her steps from the shoe department to locate the absconded shopping cart.


And I only just realized, that I continued to push the empty cart all over the store while I searched for the one with my shoes in it... and parked the empty cart beside the bras, where I made the switch again.

Time for a nap?

No such luck.

Back to the car for round 2.

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