Monday, July 23, 2007

Beauty?... Just Skin Deep In This Case

Hillary and I dropped Micah off at the lake yesterday, and on the way home we decided we needed to stop at Safeway for cold things.

And fruit.

We came away with a pail of vanilla ice cream, some flavourful sherbet and a box of ice cream sandwiches.

We also bought a bag of bing cherries, some bananas, a cantaloupe...

...and  a kiwano horned melon.

This guy's review says it all.

Totally and completely!

We were captivated by the gorgeous orange and yellow, spiky skin... so we bought one to try it out.

It was very pretty on the inside too- kind of like  cucumber meets tomato meets pomegranate meets kiwi fruit...

But alas.

Taste it has not!

So- yeah! Read the review... it perfectly describes our experience with this fruit!

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  1. Jeepers! Looks like you could hurt someone with that thing!