Saturday, July 21, 2007

Let's Pack It In

Randall's all washed and ironed and folded and packed and gone for Chicago.

His plane leaves tomorrow morning, quite early, so he's off to Saskatoon for the night to make it a bit easier.

Now I have to get Micah folded and packed for camp tomorrow.

His first time.

Quite exciting.

And then will begin the Bedroom Quest... dismantling our old and ancient double bed to make room for the new, still in the plastic wrapper, complete with 10 year warranty Queen Sized Bed.

We've never, in all the 22 years of our marriage, had a NEW bed. 

This is quite heady stuff!

I'm looking forward to not waking up 3 times a night in the hollow halfway down my side.

Randall's very excited about the extra 5 inches at the bottom for his feet.

We managed to hit a grand sale at the SleepComfy Mattresses & More store, (on 15th St. E, across from the SuperStore) and they treated us very well there. I recommend it you're in need of a new mattress. He would have brought it over right away, but we had planned an early supper before Randall was leaving, and we still had to finish getting him packed, so we asked to have the bed delivered on Tuesday. Thomas, lucky guy, will get to help me move the old bed and install the new one.

Ah yes.

Next week, with Randall in Chicago, Micah at camp and Hillary engrossed in the last Harry Potter book, promises to be very quiet indeed.


  1. Ooooooh, it was a great day when we finally upgraded from my grandparents' old double to a brand-new queen. Luxury.

    My kids are in daycamp all next week (insert wild clapping and cheering here), so I'm up for coffee any time . . . let me know. I promise I won't drop any HP spoilers into the conversation.

  2. Mmmm... Coffee... ICED coffee....

    And I've already read the Wikipedia summary of the whole book, so don't worry about spoilers...

    : )

  3. "Randall's excited about the extra 5 inches at the bottom of his feet."

    Sooooo, that would make how many extra inches for your feet???!!! Sorry, had to go there! :)