Friday, July 6, 2007

Wherefort Art Thou

Oh disembodied voices?

Why dost thou hover in my driveway, opening and closing thy car doors, speaking aloud, ringing at my backdoor bell 

Only to disappear and be gone before my husband has his trousers pulled on?

What doest thou, at 3:18 in the a.m., wandering about like lost souls seeking asylum?


And why, oh Demon Jet Lag, doest thou present thyself yet again, when the night is not yet gone and my bones desire but sleep?

And aye, this is the rub- that when the bell was rung it was but the poor husband that needs must be woken to greet the skulkers...

I was, alas, awake.

Yet go I again to seek my pillow.


  1. Jet lag - they say you recoup at one hour per day for each hour of time difference. That would leave - how many more night?

  2. Romeo and Juliet?


  3. Glad you managed to pick up how we all speak every day in the UK !