Tuesday, September 18, 2007

And So On To A New Day

(I might have said, "It's A New Day"... but that's a hyper-evangelical T.V. talk show here...)

This morning the sun is shining.

That's probably in order to make up for the blackness of the power outage last night.

But, as I said, this morning the sun is shining, and I'm doing laundry.

I've been trying to catch the warmer, sunny days for laundry so that I can hang the towels and sheets, at least, on the line for some fresh air ... uh, freshness. The days have been getting so much shorter that if things aren't dry on the line by supper time, they won't really dry. The sun moves behind the neighbour's garage, and by 5:00 the clothes line is pretty much in shadow.


Washer is finished spinning, and the breakfast dishes are still waiting to be washed, and I'm still trying to get through to the Sexsmith Bakery to see if they can make and deliver a cake to Hillary for her birthday this weekend.

Ah yes.

My life is so full!

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