Sunday, September 9, 2007

A Good Start To The Day

I could say, a Surprising start to the day!

Last year, in support of  the magazine fund raiser for band, I subscribed to the French magazine, "Madame", in hopes up brushing up my language skills.

It's a great magazine, but that's another story.

On Monday the September issue came and I have been happily perusing it all week.

Tuesday or Wednesday, a recipe from the Egg Producer people caught my eye.

It was a recipe for oatmeal.

With eggs.

It took me until Saturday to decide that my French wasn't as faulty as all that, and this porridge recipe did indeed call for eggs.

I decided to try it this morning, and was pleasantly surprised!

I just wrote it up at, and I highly recommend it. I'll be trying some variations this week, I think- with old fashioned oats, for one thing, and maybe a combination of oatmeal and Red River Cereal, (gotta love that flaxseed!)

So- here's to cinnamon porridge with added protein!

Bon Appetit!

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