Friday, September 14, 2007

Happy And Gay

One of the words that my boys use incorrectly to describe things is "Gay".

"That's so gay" is a common exclamation.

The most recent assertion came yesterday at lunch time, when we were discussing his upcoming, first guitar lesson.

My Anglican Vicar friend down the road is going to teach Micah to play the guitar, in exchange for piano lessons for one of his daughters.

A sweet deal, and one that makes all of us very happy.

However, Micah, at lunch yesterday, asked if he could get a ride to his guitar lesson.

At the other end of the block.


I didn't think so.

He said BUT he'll look gay walking down the street carrying a guitar case.


I said the only way he'd look "gay" (possibly in every sense of the word) was if he had a suitcase in his other hand and he danced down the street singing "The Hills Are Alive With The Sound Of Music".


I mean, I liked when "gay" meant "happily excited: merrily, bright, lively".

I can live with it as a reference to things homosexual.

But when my kids throw it around as an adjective meant to denote everything from "ineffectual/ lame" to "something that makes me look stupid"... well, it just gets me riled.

In the end he didn't even have to take his guitar on the road, as the guitar toting teacher brought his daughter here and while I taught the piano lesson in the living room, he taught the guitar lesson down the hall.

A very, very good arrangement which, upon consideration of it, makes me quite gay indeed.


  1. I showed my son (16 year old Daniel)this post and HE says, "but I've been walking around with my guitar for years, and women whistle when they see I'm a musician!" There is nothing GAY about it!,

    P.S. thanx for the laugh, I really needed it! :) :) :)

  2. That's what I TOLD him! I'll make sure he reads these comments and adjusts his mentality accordingly!