Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Nothing Of Any Lasting Value

My day.

Sure the laundry is done and the shirts are ironed.

Yes, the floors have been vacuumed, upstairs and down.

Breakfast, lunch and supper were made, consumed and cleaned up.

The "boys'" bathroom was cleaned.

A couple of phone calls were fielded, a G-mail conversation was had, some letters were written.


The thing about computer things like emails and chatting conversations

Is that no one can see that they were done.

The problem with housework?

Within days- minutes even!- there is dirt on the floor, dirty underwear in the hamper and bad smells again.


You keep at it.

Like a vicious cycle.

At least people noticed the floor and the bathroom.

That makes it so worthwhile.



  1. wanna do coffee sometime? (in reality about 2 weeks or more time???)

  2. I'm thinking that just about every mom I know is burnt out and down these days. Is it just the time of year or is it something about this particular year?

    And I'm glad I could make your day yesterday. :)