Thursday, September 6, 2007

That Number Is Not Available At This Time

In case you were trying to phone me, I just thought I would let you know

That my phone seems to be was out of order.

I went to call my friend down the street, and all I got from the ear piece was static.

I checked all the phones in the house that I am aware of,

And the same;

Just static.

Wondering if it were a SaskTel network thing, I checked the internet...

And there was none until just a few minutes ago.

But the phone is  was still hissing at me.

Maybe we have been bugged...If we are under surveillance I had best put some makeup on... and smile when I pass by all the windows or look at the plants...


If it is was really important, [you would have] just drive[en] over.

I promise to share the tea. [Next time.]


Oh! I guess I was wrong. [way back then, this morning...]

The post cannot be published yet, or saved to publish later... as the broadband connection has failed... I guess I will be back when I am back... which might mean copying this and saving it in WordPerfect or something until it can be saved or published...

[edit: The phone lines were definitely down for awhile this morning. But everything seems to be back to normal.]

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