Sunday, October 7, 2007

All Gobbled Out

The family came, the family went.

We had a lovely dinner- sort of potluck, where I roasted the turkeys and did the gravy and mashed potatoes, and everyone else brought the rest of the meal.

We had a new sweet potato casserole- divine. And dilled baby carrots, and our favourite stove-top stuffing, and a gorgeous, sweet (only- eat- half- a- piece- at- a time) raspberry and white chocolate torte-cake with whipped cream topping.

Altogether- YUM!

We rounded off the afternoon by tripping down memory lane with some old family videos of our kids when they were little. Seems we borrowed the video camera for all my birthdays... as we hit my 27th, when Thomas was born, and my 29th when he was 2... We even found one of the Easter that Micah was 2 or 3. We have great kids.

So, now that everyone is gone, the house feels a little quiet.

But it's all good.

And I know Johanna is with her Nate, and Hillary is having a blast at her roommate's for the weekend, so I can't be sad.

I think I'll call it a day early, though, as last night was definitely far too short.

I should probably quit drinking coffee any time...

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