Friday, October 26, 2007

Another Reason Why I Shouldn't Bake After 9:00 pm:

Although I can still read the box and am able to follow the directions to mix up the angel food cake,

And although I still have strength to lift the bowl the batter has been mixed in,

And although I am capable of distributing the batter evenly around the tube pan,


I may- I say may, forget how the two pieces of the tube pan are constructed, and I just may, (I'm only saying...) pick up the pan, when I go to put it into the preheated oven,  by the pointy bit in the middle,

Which would, if I had done such a silly thing, pull the pan apart... necessitating the scraping out of the pan back into the mixing bowl so the pan could be washed out and the batter re-distributed...


This could, (if it had happened), be the reason that my contribution to the dessert portion of tomorrow's lunch is a little bit smaller than the other angel food cakes...

I'm just saying.

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