Thursday, October 25, 2007

Does The Government Not Have Children?

I wonder.

Take Family Allowance- Baby Bonus, Child Tax Benefit... whatever you want to call it.

In theory, it's in place for the children of lower income families, who's earnings, although present, don't quite measure up to the rising cost of living.

But, if the government had children, they'd know that when a kid turns 7, (when they hit you with the first CTB reduction) rather than incurring lower costs, they're in school needing 2 pair of runners, a couple of back packs (because they always break before the year is out) clothes, school lunches, field trips, school fees (so much for free education)... and on and on.

It takes awhile to adjust, but you do. And then, as they're graduating and heading off into the great wide world, at of  course no cost to their parents, the free money ends.

So, what will it be?

Get a job to refill the rapidly depleting coffers,

Or have a couple more babies...


  1. I say go for the kids!!!

  2. The only thing I can help you with is the backpacks: buy them from MEC ( they will last forever. I promise.

  3. Maybe the government really wants us to send our kids out to work at 7 - just gradually work them into a job so they only reduce the free money - but get them used to taking a job? Surely they don't expect the mothers to work!

    Oh that comes across as cynical.

    Really I am just saying that tongue in cheek :-)