Saturday, October 13, 2007

Not Since I Bought Paint

In January of 2004

Have I used my Sears Card.

Which is why it was "invalid" this morning when I went to buy a dryer.

Turns out it was all for the best, though, as I decided to go with it and get a new Sears Card, which comes with a $10 signing bonus,

Making the Dryer, on sale from $449 to $349 only $356, taxes included, by the time we factored in the $20 from the "Scratch & Sniff" card and  the $10 card credit.

Not bad for a morning's work.

It will be delivered to the store on Wednesday, so there should only be a couple more days of weather -watching- line- drying  laundry.

And tomorrow and Monday were supposed to be sunny, last time I looked, so it's all good.

And I was only a little bummed that I didn't win one of the $5000 grand prize scratches.

It's a little addicting, though- makes me want to go back and buy a pair of shoes, and some socks, and various and multitudinous sundry objects- one at a time- to scratch many cards and have many chances for many prizes!

It's probably a good thing I don't know my way to the Casino.

Some days just using the debit card is as close to gambling as I want to get!

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