Thursday, November 29, 2007

And So The Clan Has Gathered

Grandma's funeral will be starting in about an hour.

It's strange to think about. Everyone there.

I phoned my sister on her cell to make sure she got there alright. She was driving yesterday, from Swift Current to Prince George. She said the roads were good until about Banff. Then there were white out conditions and lots of snow. Yucky stuff. She was happy to let our brother drive that bit.

I'm still good with not being there. Since Micah got sick Tuesday, I've been expecially glad I didn't go away. With our big funeral here, and a crazy-busy weekend coming up it would have been really hard. I hope Grandma would have understood. I think she would.

So, for the next couple of hours my thoughts will be in Prince George, BC.

With the Celebration of Naomi Madine Brown's life.

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