Saturday, November 17, 2007

Man May Not Live By Bread Alone

But I'm thinking "bread" must be high on God's list of things to have.

Thursday I began to wonder what we could bring my Brother-in-law for his birthday Saturday. I thought that since I was baking Friday I might make him some cinnamon or orange buns. But, I reasoned, those things are always nicest as fresh as possible.

So, by Friday evening I had decided that if I woke up early enough, without setting the alarm, I would mix up a batch of orange buns for the guy.

I did the math and foresaw that I would need to wake up just before 7:00  in order to have them baked, cooled and iced before we were planning to leave for the big city.


That's when I woke up yesterday morning.

So, he got orange buns.

When we got home from Saskatoon last night, I realized there was only about an inch of bread left. I started to calculate a batch of fresh bread, and decided I didn't want to stay up until 3:30 baking, so they could have cheese biscuits with their soup for lunch after Church.

Husband looked so sad, though, that I assured him there would be enough bread for him at lunch time, and the boys could have the biscuits.

Then I told him that if I woke up around 5:00 am, I'd mix up a batch of bread.


So, the bread has begun to rise, and I'm off to reset the alarm (just a little earlier than I had originally planned so I can get the dough into the loaf pans) and go back to bed.

I'm not going to think about bread tonight.

It's too dangerous.

And it cuts into my sleeping time.

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  1. Oh man. You are one good woman!!!! I usually grumble if I have to get out of bed before 9am when Marc goes out for his Friday breakfasts at A & W!

    I was going to mention after that post from the other day that I'd buy some orange buns off of you sometime, since I'm on a big carb kick right now (I'm thinking of losing the baby weight and while I'm thinking I'm eating lots of cookies and baguettes).

    So, when you've had a good nights rest... I can help you make a few dollars if you help me gain a few pounds. :)