Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Riff Raffle

At our last School Community Council meeting (who came up with this name?) it was decided to have a Christmas raffle.

So I'm off to make the tickets this morning.

I think it's because I offered to do them a few raffles ago and now everyone knows I have the old raffle tickets on my computer... and we all know that it's easier to just update the prizes and dates then to start from scratch!


I don't think it will be too onerous.

I've got the hard copies printed off and I'll go over and photocopy, staple and cut the booklets up at the school. Then I'll probably bring them home and write each child's name on a booklet and give them a number so we can keep track of the booklets. At least there are only about 260 220 kids in attendance this year.


It should only take a couple of hours to number them... I'm hoping for a good movie this afternoon.

I decided last night that I can give the raffle tickets a day. It probably really is the least I can do.

And it doesn't involve running around to city businesses looking for donations of prizes.

And I can do this in the comfort of the school photocopy room and my own kitchen.

And I can make Jennifer fold them and do the actual prize draws at the assembly.

Cue the happy smiley face.

(And now she knows my cunning, evil plan!)

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  1. Ahhh, Lauralea.... What would the P.M. S.C.C. do without you? You are such a lovely Vanna, though.

    Couldn't you "assist" Jen with the draw, too??

    Glad to hear some of the traditions go on and on!