Saturday, December 29, 2007

And When He Gives You Lingerie,

Is it for you

Or for him?


  1. Well. I think I can answer that one, since I gave Marc some lacy underwear and a camisole in his stocking this Christmas (in my size, lest you be VERY worried). It's for BOTH of you. (And the underwear is not the real present.) :) (I'm just going to stop talking now.)

  2. What? I got no such thing in my stocking this year! That was your stocking.

    I was going to say more, but I couldn't make it sound like anything but a double-entendre. Underwear will do that.

  3. Dixie my dear, one day you'll say just what you mean and forget to beat about the bush (so to speak). I'm just waiting to see whether it's on a blog you can edit or not.

    [chuckles quietly to self].

    But yes, my thought was that it's for both of you, and not in a David and Victoria Beckham sense.