Friday, December 21, 2007

Ready, Set,

Go, but slowly...

I'm going to have to be a little careful today, as I think I've passed into the klutzy phase of fatigue.

I noticed it last night, when I started almost knocking things off the counter, and tripping over the stool a little more than usual...

But, I think, except for the kitchen floor, all is nearly in readiness for the Open House this afternoon.

I guess what's not done won't be done at all, and- as I've told all my children too many times to count, just act like that's the way it was supposed to be and no one will know it was supposed to be any other way.

And, confidentially, the mincemeat squares I made yesterday are completely AWESOME. (but only if you like Splenda and lots of whole wheat and grains...) I made sugar reduced mincemeat last year (I will post it if I remembered to write down the changes I made to the recipe...) and substituted it for the dates in my date square recipe. One of those happy instances where an idea turns out to have been a fabulously good idea.


Now it's off to take care of the lack- of- breakfast dizziness, and get the kitchen floor looking a little more spiffy.

And then get the cheese melting for the nacho dip... and the cider mulling with the spices...


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  1. It was a great party last night. Thanks for all you did. It made my day -- sitting on that bench in the corner of your kitchen for 2 hours. :)