Monday, December 10, 2007

Simple Faith?

I was tagged with a... whatd'yacallem... "meme"? by Kim, who was tagged by Gary, who started it.

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The Question: How would you define simple faith in Christ?

I've been thinking on it for awhile, and I'm not sure if there is a simple answer. I like this question, though, so I'm going to give it a shot.

I think that I have a simple faith.

Faith defined, to me, is the understanding of my relationship with God- how I see him, and, as I see it,  how he sees me.

Picture me standing there, holding a 2 way mirror; When I look through it I see God- in all his immeasurable God-ness. When God looks back, he sees himself.

I think "simple faith" for me, is standing before God, knowing that I am covered by him- by Jesus, so when he looks at me he doesn't see "me" with all my faults and quirks and quarks. He sees Jesus. He sees himself. And that makes me perfect in his sight.

When I look through, I see him. And I am constantly aware of my insignificance- of my absolute inability to "do" anything that would ever make me good enough for him.

Because there is completely, inescapably NOTHING that I can do about it, I do nothing. I can only, and therefore must, rest in the knowledge of his perfect love for me, and accept the grace that covers me with himself, making me perfect like him.

So... simple faith, to me, is understanding and living out God's grace.

I wasn't going to "tag" anyone, but there are a couple of people who's answers I'd be interested in:

Husband Randall

Marc V.

Phil L.


And Barbarah


  1. (It's coffee time !) I deliberately didn't read your response to this (or anyone else's) before writing my own. I'm fascinated by what you wrote because you seem to be expressing pretty much what I wanted to say but in a different way. I really like the 2 way mirror image and will ponder on it more.

    PS 'English vicar type' ?! That's another one to add to the (long) list of how I've been described !

  2. I really like and appreciate your definition, Lauralea.