Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Since I'm Going To Start Baking Today,

(read: industrial strength, you-could-catch-fish-with-that-thing, hair net)

And because I've decided to be comfortable today,

(read: declare an armistice in the war of the foundational garments)

How much do you want to bet it's also Meter Reading Day, Jehovah's Witness and Mormon Missionary days, "Are you Mr. Jones? Oops, sorry! Must have the wrong house" day, and special delivery package day.

I mean- I can go days, nay weeks without having to answer the door... until I decide to wear shorts, dispense with make-up and bra and don the hair net.


And don't YOU go ringing my bell just to prove the point.

It's not Hallowe'en, after all. You might not want to scare yourself that badly!

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