Thursday, January 31, 2008

This Is One Of My Favourite Days Of The Month

The last Thursday, that is.

Of every month.

You see, on the last Thursday morning of every month, a group of us Clergy Wives get together to pray for each other. We gather to encourage and support each other, pray for our spouses and children, and each other.

It's always a good time.

One of the things I love best about it, is the diversity of the women who meet.

There's me, E-Free/Mennonite/Covenanter, and representatives of the Brethren in Christ, Anglicans, and Catholics. Sometimes our Lutheran girl shows up. It's wonderful!

And it is always encouraging.

Always refreshing.

But the day doesn't stop there!

Thursday is also Music Lesson day.

My Anglican friend down the block plays the guitar, and I knew he'd given lessons before. He also has a couple of little girls, who I suspected might like to learn the piano. So, we've made a deal, and Thursday after school he brings his youngest daughter and his guitar to my house, and Micah gets a guitar lesson and she gets a piano lesson.

That is always fun.

And because Thursday is Music Lesson day, it has become "clean the house day" and "bake cookies" day.

Since my little piano student is only in grade 1, she has a shorter attention span than Micah, so we always break up our lesson time with a snack/tea/visiting session.

(One Thursday afternoon Thomas came in from school, smelled the cookies or buns or whatever had been baked, sighed and said, "I wish it every day was Thursday".)

I usually have supper ready by 3:30 on Thursdays, which means a more relaxed supper prep and clean-up.

It's nice to have the house vacuumed and the bathroom clean, and the dishes washed and supper made and good things on the serving plate.

And Thursday night is our small group night.

I start the last Thursday of the month with an encouraging gathering of friends I love and I end it the same way.

The day starts with prayer, and always ends with this prayer, which has become one of my very favourite ways to end a day.

And in just a few minutes, we'll be on our way.

To end the last Thursday of the month.


  1. I believe the real joy of life is found in all these little daily blessings that make our ordinary lives so rich. While I know these are not easy days, it is wonderful to see you are not "under your circumstances" but on top of them. Your family is being prayed for by people who you have never met. Isn't that amazing !!

  2. Oooh - the 'today I believe' prayer is an important one for me too !
    And out of curiousity, how come you have Catholics coming to a clergy wives gathering ? Do RC priests have different rules over there ?

  3. Her husband is the Catholic Chaplain at the men's prison, so she qualifies as a clergy wife. She's also the Catholic youth worker for this diocese. Actually, of all the "clergy wives", I'm the only one of the 4 that are most regularly there that does not have a ministry position of my own as well. (besides also being the wife of someone in ministry)

    : )

  4. Errr shouldn't that be 'I'm the only one that doesn't have a PAID ministry position' - you sure seem to have a ministry to me !

  5. Maybe "position" was the key word... although "paid" would work too!

    : )