Tuesday, January 15, 2008

What He Don't Know...

"What are you doing this morning, Mom," asked Mr. Almost Fourteen.

"Dishes, by the looks of it."

"Ahhh..." was his sympathetic reply.

But what, by all appearances, would take him two hours or more is, in reality...

the leisurely finishing of my tea, catching up on the Scrabulous, checking my favourite blog reads, writing a post, reading the emails... and 15 minutes of dish washing and counter clearing.

Just don't tell him, will you?

The sympathy is good.


  1. Yup, there are those that do dishes *FOREVER* and those for whom dishes are just a passing cloud in the sunshine of their lives.

    Congratulations on recognising which side of humanity is your peer group.


  2. I tend to be one of those forever people. I usually dislike doing the dishes a great deal. Occasionally it's soothing.

  3. Unfortunately, as I'm homeschooling this year, my son has had his eyes opened. He knows how long it takes me to do various jobs.