Thursday, January 17, 2008

What Was Your Absolute, Best Ever Meal?

At small group tonight this question came up.

Some discussion followed, and favourite meals were mentioned.

And I thought.

What was my absolute, best ever, favourite, all time most awesome meal?

I think it might be the Sunday Smorgasbord at the Outrigger Restaurant in Prince George, BC.

I "googled" it, and found Critiki, with this statement:

"The Outrigger Restaurant is still operating today as the Bamboo House restaurant. The Outrigger opened in 1965, with a tall A-frame roof, lava rock exterior walls, a tiki support post near the entrance, and lots of bamboo and tiki masks inside."

I think if I could go back in time, and re-do any eating experience...

I would be about 10 years old again,

It would be at THAT place.

With those tiki masks and the rock wall, and the waterfall and bridge that crossed the little pond with live fish... and the sense of lush green... slightly humid... exotic.

And the food!

Polynesian... "Chinese" food but better. Back in the good old days when sugar wasn't a four letter word.

That was a fun memory for a Windchill- Warning Saskatchewan night.


  1. This would be a difficult question, because my tastes AND sense of taste has changed and lost sensitivity considerably over the years. And my memory isn't precise or detailed as I'd like it to be either.

  2. I think it is hard to narrow it down to just one. But the one that is sticking out furthest in my mind is the shish-kabob that Jason made two summers ago. We have tried making it since and it wasn't nearly as good as the first time.

  3. It did my heart good to know that we gave you kids some fond memories.

  4. The one that comes to mind for me was a meal that a church in Cayambe, Ecuador made for a group of us from NP Seminary after we had finished our time on a missions project there. It was a great meal (what I assume was "typical" for the locals). Avocados as big as a coconut. And strawberries and cream afterwards. And during it, the pastor's son and his band danced around our table playing music with Ecuadorian instruments and sounds. I'd go back again in a heartbeat.