Friday, February 8, 2008

I Wish It Were Like Weight Watchers

Going out for dinner would be nicer if I could "save up points".

I mean, when it's as simple as keeping the daily nutrient intake to a certain number of "points", one can eat a little less at breakfast and lunch to save up for a bigger supper.

One could justify all manner of meals out with the Weight Watcher's system... you can save up for Chinese food or pizza or KFC...

But with diabetes it sometimes sucks.

Keeping the blood sugar steady is the goal.

And going out to eat isn't quite as fun as it used to be. Don't get me wrong- I love taking a break from cooking and cleaning up, and I love going places where I can try things I wouldn't make at home.

But most places aren't very diabetes friendly.

Pasta? Pizza? Chinese?


I still have to make good choices, but it's a lot harder when the place only serves refined white flour noodles and bread.

Funny thing?

McDonald's has some of the best diabetes choices, with salads and deli sandwiches on whole wheat buns.  Zellers is pretty good too, as far as offering multi-grain bread as a choice for their sandwiches.

Ah, well!

The boys are away, and I'll stop moaning about it and just enjoy going out tonight, in spite of the sugar issues!


  1. I am surprised that most restaurants don't offer whole wheat bread/crust/pasta selections. It seems that most people are a lot more health conscious these days, even if they don't have diabetes. I suppose with Chinese you could go for the veggie and meat dishes and try to avoid breaded meats and noodles or rice.

  2. Being on his diet and eating out has opened our eyes to what is available on the menu. Leo has learned that he can ask for a fresh sliced tomato rather than a potato or pasta side, salads are good and one can ask for oil and vinegar instead of prepared dressing. But there is not much on the menu in the way of whole grain options.

  3. Found a happy surprise at BP last night in the low-carb choice of baked lemon salmon with steamed veg & a small salad served with low fat raspberry vinaigrette. If it came with a small 12 grain roll it would have been perfect. As it was, it was very, very nice.