Saturday, February 23, 2008

Just Call Me Scar Face

Well... Scar Neck... whatever!

I'm a little surprised (and slightly alarmed) at the rate with which I've become accustomed to this gash across the front of my neck.

It's already become a part of me.

I have noticed, as well, that what I've been looking at on TV, whether watching movies, sitcoms, commercials... is the actresses' necks.  Kind of like when you're pregnant, and you're subconsciously aware of all the pregnant women around you.

Ah, well. I must be getting used to it as I find myself forgetting what it looks like until I answer the door to someone picking up Avon or dropping something off. The nervous looks on their faces reminds me.

BUT, never having been a turtleneck girl, and knowing that a light scarf would catch on the still knobbly bits, I won't be covering it up any time soon.

It would probably be better for me if I didn't have the enviable ability to sound chipper and healthy when I feel anything but. I mean, I feel 100% better than I did last week at this time, but there's probably more muscle pain than there was (as all the muscles from my chest to my jaw are slowly recovering from whatever they went through so the surgeon could get at the places he was getting at) and I'm still pretty fuzzy from the pain killers and post-op sleep disorder.


Life goes on. I should know, in a little over a week,  if we're done or not. And I'll take the rest of the weekend off, to fulfill my promise of inactivity for 10 days, then I'll get on the Wedding stuff. Because that's only 4 weeks away... Freaky.


  1. While you're recouperating - try out this website:
    It sounds like the kind of thing you'd enjoy (I certainly did).

  2. Dave's mom wore little scarves all the time. I had a few vintage ones that I donated to the cause (oh, how I miss Iowa antique shops!). She was so cute about covering her scar. But just between you and me (as I post on your blog!), she sorta reminded me of Freddie from Scooby Doo...

    Sorry if that's not helpful, but you seem like a person who would appreciate the giggle!

  3. Well, hey! Better Scooby Doo's Freddy than the other one... or indeed Frankenstein's Monster!

    I'm still waiting for someone to ask why I tried to commit suicide, though. Or for some zealous person to try to convert me, (as someone who obviously needs Jesus because I couldn't take it on my own anymore...)

    : )

  4. really? you have "knobbly bits" sticking out? that sounds kinda cool.

    (I hope you know of course I'm just trying to be funny)

  5. I am of the philosophy that if the story behind a scar isn't cool enough, you can always use the excuse "I was in a drunken bar should see the other guy".

    It would go over really well as a pastor's wife, I think. ;o)

    Thinking of you!

  6. That was Thomas' idea! Only he thought I should have been mugged and slashed... but still, that "you should see the other guy!"

    I suggested to someone yesterday, I think, that I was considering using the eye liner to make little "stitch" lines across the long scar. That would make it more interesting too.

    And then of course, there's always the neck bolts...

    : )