Thursday, February 7, 2008

Once More, With Feeling

It would appear that the Surgeon, bless him, was not impressed with the final cancellation today.

So, around 3:00 this afternoon his office phoned back to say that she had just talked to him, and he wasn't satisfied with making me wait until the 28th, and he had instructed her to put me in next Thursday, first thing, at 8:00 so that if there was any bumping to be done, it wouldn't be me.

So, for now, it's game on again, next week, (Feb. 14).

I'm glad it's early, (if it happens! once burned, and all that)  because the whole fasting- all- day- with- diabetes thing is crap.

No wonder I have a headache... just when my head stops spinning someone else gives it a whack.


  1. Just have a good stiff drink. That should do you some good.;-)

  2. Lauralea, I am so sorry for everything you guys have been through. This is all hard enough without emotional delays.

    You constinue to be in my thoughts and prayers and if there is anything our family can do for yours, don't hesitate to call.

    If nothing else, let's do coffee! :)

    May God's grace be in these days and may you feel his hand.

    Christy Z.