Thursday, February 7, 2008

See-Saw... Yoyo... Merry-Go-Round...

What else goes up and down, or round and round...

Oh, right!


Spent yesterday getting ready and psyched up for surgery.

I phoned the hospital at the prescribed hour to find out what time I was slotted for.

Half an hour after confirming the 1:30 pm surgery time, I got a call from the Surgeon's office to tell me that she had just been informed that the surgery had been cancelled due to lack of available beds. But the Surgeon wouldn't be impressed.

He was obviously NOT impressed, and had a go at the health board director that cancelled the surgery, and about an hour after the cancellation notice, the Surgeon's office called back to say the surgery was back ON.

So, I continued to make plans for doing nothing next week; finished baking the 4 loaves of bread for the freezer, finished making some sugar-free tapioca and Jello, finished the laundry and ironing the husband's dress shirts.

And went to bed at 11:30 last night, fasting for this afternoon's surgery.

Around 9:15 this morning the hospital called to say that due to trouble in the O.R., they were cancelling my surgery. I made sure that this was a new cancellation, not a late confirmation of yesterday's initial cancellation... I stayed fasting, just in case some miracle occurred and they phoned to say that if I could get there, and haven't eaten, they'd do it today after all.

And now, 10 minutes to the time I was supposed to be checking in, I'm resigning myself to the fact that this surgery will be put off for 3 weeks.

I was able to get through to the Surgeon's office around 10:00 this morning, ("Hi, there. This is Lauralea Friesen calling..." and the nurse immediately sucked in her breath and said "NO! They DIDN'T!" before I could get another word out)  So, she's keeping me in the February 28th slot she put me down for yesterday, with a note that I was cancelled, so in theory they can't cancel me again.

But, although I've been hoping that it was just an oversight or mistake and they'll phone me to come in for the pre-op drill, it's more likely that Randall & I will go out for lunch, and I'll spend the next 3 weeks hoping that it is entirely my imagination that the nodule has grown, and that it hasn't really started to hurt, and that my ear canal and throat aren't really feeling more constricted, and that the glands on that side of my neck, under my jaw haven't really felt swollen...



  1. So, instead of having a tumor removed from your thyroid, you will end up having heart palpitations from stress related surgery cancellations. Really, really cheery.

    There is something drastically wrong here people. Our health system is sliding down the tubes to oblivion.

    On the upside, see you at the potluck on Sunday, dear lady.

  2. Speechless ! Well I can think of lots of words beginning with b

  3. Having the joy of experience with both ends of the OR system I know that cancelations or delays happen for all kinds of reasons. What is really disturbing are the people who are book or thier children are booked for the OR and they don't show up or they have fed the child. That is a waiste of time, money and resourses. Sadly it happens all the time.