Monday, March 3, 2008

Good News

Well, I got a clean bill of health from the surgeon this afternoon.

No cancer.

He said it was just a multi-nodular thyroid.

I can't remember all the terms he used, but if I put it together correctly, he seemed to indicate that at some point my brain told my thyroid gland to produce more thyroid hormone than it needed, but rather than sending the hormone into my system (and having it picked up on a thyroid function test) it made the follicle cells mutated and non-functioning.

The other half/ globe of my thyroid gland was obviously functioning well, as none of the thyroid function tests I've had over the years have been abnormal.

He said, when asked, that it was unlikely for the other half to go the same way; it probably took a lifetime for the nodules to get like that, and especially for the large one (4 cm) to get so big, and it would take another lifetime for it to go this way again.

So, clear as mud, eh?

The nodules are non cancerous, the thyroid I have left seems to be working fine, (although I'll have to have it monitored more closely than ever) and once everything heals from the surgery I should be fine.

I will probably have a "ropey" scar- it looks like it's healing in such a way that it won't be smooth, you know? There's a line like a thin string (the kind you might use for wrapping a package to post) across the front of my neck.

I mentioned it and he said if it bothered me to let him know.

I said, there's not much you can do about it, but he said, there are things.

So, we'll see. I have a feeling it would be a case of the treatment being worse than the disease, so I doubt I'd ever try to have it fixed. (I believe I heard the word "injections"as one option... ewwww....)

So, just thought I'd let you know that it's steady as she goes now.

We can relax about it and just concentrate on the upcoming season of Easter and Wedded bliss.

(and if this sounds a little like the email you just got...   well,  yes. Yes it is.  Guilty as charged! Control-C & Control-V.  Copy & Paste.  Works like a charm.  I figured,  when I've thought it through once, why strain the recuperating brain? ) 

: )

Now join me a happy dance of joy.

And let's crack open that champaign...


  1. Really Really Happy for you Lauralea. Thanks for being such a role model of peace and grace through this whole thing. You Rock Girl!

  2. Excellent news !! It's been such a long wait to find out, but 'obviously' a multi-nodular thyroid is worth it. Always good to start the day learning more about medical matters - even better to think of you dancing the night away knowing your lumpy bits are nothing sinister. Hope you heal even quicker now.

  3. Glad the waiting is over and such great news! Enjoy the celebrating. Big hugs.

  4. That's awesome news :) Glad you have some time to prepare for the wedding without this hanging over your head.

  5. What a relief! Thank goodness.

    (and if this sounds a little like my comment on Randall's post, well, it is! I figured you'd probably read it there already, but I thought I should say it here,too.)

  6. I'd like a nip of that champagne too - you've earned it! I am SO relieved and happy for you and now you can focus on fun things like that wedding!

    A big long-distance hug to you!

  7. Good to hear Lauralea!

  8. God continues on in bringing us through the difficulties of this life...and we thank Him.

  9. Yay for good news! See you tomorrow morning for a quick coffee with my mom before my job interview!