Thursday, March 6, 2008

Well... It's Nearly 11:00 pm,

And I'm finally done my math homework helping Micah do his math homework.

I'm not kidding when I say I'm looking forward to grade 12 calculus (because Calculus was a University course back in the day, and I didn't take it, so I won't  have to  be able to help him anymore.)

So... if Lauralea spends 40% of her life helping Micah do his homework, how many years will she have spent doing math, if Math is 75% of Micah's usual homework?

I don't get paid nearly enough.


  1. You should at least get an honorary degree in lower maths. Lower than calculus at least. Why should one strain their brains to understand calculus anyway? I figure I've made it this far without it and I haven't missed it one bit!

    Don't tell Micah I said that. Let him do the calculus.

  2. I took Calculas in grade 12... the only time I took it. I ended the year with a 49%. 49!! Honestly. ALL that work and nothing to show for it. Haven't used the tans or cosigns since June 1997.
    I do think an honorary degree is in order for you though!

  3. I have to admit, that I'm homeschooling my son, Bram, this year and he's already done his Gr 8 math and is on his Gr 9. We're both enjoying it. However, I just squeaked by in calculus (passed it by taking a supplemental exam - and with a lot of prayer).