Thursday, April 3, 2008


It's been said,

(by me)


That the only thing Facebook is good for is "Scrabulous".

(Seriously. You want to add me as a friend? Just say it's so you can play Scrabulous with me and I'm all over that.)

And I'm a pretty good Scrabulous/ Scrabble player.

I don't cheat by finding words with any of the anagram programs that are so plentiful by googling "anagram solver".

I'm a good loser when my opponent  gets the better tiles.

But in all my mixed up letter, word finding years have I ever

Not once

Had THREE "Bingo" (seven letter) words in a row.

AND had a place to put them.

(for the record, they were "regulars", "grouted" and "rations")

The Scrabulous Tile Fairies must be in love with me.

That's the only explanation.


  1. Send me an invite for a game sometime. It is one of the few things I have found useful on facebook too.