Monday, April 14, 2008

What Have I Become?

Husband said he felt like coffee.

I said I did too!

So I jumped up and filled the kettle.

I grabbed the coffee beans from the pantry and the coffee grinder from the cupboard.

I measured and ground the beans as the water boiled.

When he wandered into the kitchen and said he was actually thinking of instant,

I made real coffee for me anyway.

Does this make me a coffee snob? Have I become one of those people? Is the next step needing to get to the Starbucks up the hill at Safeway to order a triple Venti nonfat half-caff soy latte with 1 pump mocha, 1 pump caramel and 1 pump peppermint (it’s the holiday season), low foam, non-fat whip, steamed milk at 185 degrees, with 2 packets of Splenda (shaken, not stirred), 3 drops of half & half and an extra protective sleeve?

Is it?

And will I be up all night now?

Who cares.

It's pretty fine coffee, especially with a shot each of sugar-free cinnamon dolce syrup and half & half.

And I think there's enough left in the pot for one more cup...



  1. What is life coming to when a man prefers instant coffee to the real thing!

  2. Instant coffee isn't coffee, let's not get the two mixed up. It's a different hot drink which I was in the mood for.

  3. Real coffee, just once a day is something I enjoy, and I agree that instant coffee is something else again. And then there is the beverage I get offered all too often after church services - they say it is coffee, all I can say is that it is warm and wet !

  4. You cannot be a coffee snob and drink the stuff Starbucks serves. I probably AM a coffee snob, and the only attraction in that cafe is comfy seating and frappuchino on a hot day.

  5. Try working at a coffee shop! For it to even be somewhat satisfying and worth the $4.00, it must have at least three shots and very little foam to taste like a latte. I've just stopped drinking them due to my frustration and pickiness. I just get too grouchy about it. Give me a regular strong coffee with a teensy bit of heavy cream. Yummy.