Thursday, April 24, 2008

What To Say, What To Say...

Randall's already advertised my birthday, and my new age (as in the age I have attained, not my current spiritual leanings...) so what's left to say?

Forty- Five is not so bad.

Thirty was bad.

Forty wasn't bad.

Forty-one was harder, but now that I'm midway on the second digit it's not so bad.

Maybe Forty-nine will be bad... although that's the year Micah finally graduates from high school, (knock on wood) so that joy might balance the looming Five-O...

Yesterday we had music lessons, (well, Micah had a guitar lesson, and K.T. and I went over last week's song a few times and wrote the letter names under the notes for this week's song... and then imagined that the piano- which was a player piano until someone took the works out of it- was a magic piano and when you fiddled the levers and told it to go somewhere it took you there! We ended up drinking Alien Tea and eating cookies in space. I think we settled on Saturn so we could sleep on the rings like in a hammock.) and I did a cookie baking order (with which earning's I've started my Kitchen Aid grinder/shredder/grater attachment fund).

Today I was thinking of mixing up a couple loaves of white bread, and I'll bake a birthday cake. I've forewarned them that it will be a carrot cake and it will be no/low sugar, and will have extra fiber, raisins and walnuts, and they will all eat a piece.

So there.

And so far there's one friend coming for tea after lunch, (and I'll make part of the carrot cake batter into a little cake to share with tea, because Hillary says I can't cut the "real" birthday cake until supper time because she'll need all the cake top space she can get to put all the candles on).

And if I feel like it, Hillary and I might go do a little late- night shopping/ browsing after supper while the boys are out to Youth, and stop for a good coffee (it's my birthday, and if I stay up all night who cares! Especially since Micah has tomorrow off school so I can sleep in...). Or we'll stay home and watch a movie. Or if the espresso machine my sister is sending me for my birthday gets here today we'll invite all our friends over for lattes and London Fogs. Par-tay!

So, while Randall heads east, hopefully avoiding the weather in the south of Manitoba, I'll take it easy here.

Not too much on the agenda for the day. Planning to take it nice and slow.

And admire my new ring. (Birthday gift from the [not as] old [as me] man.)

And have my cake and eat it too.

So- Happy Birthday, me! Cheers.


  1. Happy, happy birthday, lauralea!

  2. Happy Birthday Lauralea.

    Now, if Micah's getting guitar lessons, should he be seeing stuff like this?

    Much more fun than having the notes written underneath the staves. ;)

  3. "Par-tay!" - what generation are you ?!

  4. I hope you have a wonderful birthday. And I hope that lots of people listened to Randall and phoned you and emailed you. :)

  5. Nothin' like making your own birthday cake to your own liking! Happy birthday!

  6. Hey Lauralea, happy birthday!!

    And if you have a moment, can you send me that low-sugar, extra fiber (and i assume low-fat??) carrot cake recipe? It sounds like what i was imagining in my head for Danica's first birthday cake...something she can eat without sacrificing nutritional value...Thx!

  7. I think you received my e-card. Hope you enjoyed it. :-))

    Enjoy your day. I love you.

    Happy Birthday.

  8. Happy Birthday Lauralea!
    I'd love to meet you sometime.
    May God richly bless you.

  9. The carrot cake recipe has been posted!

    If you try it, you've got to let me know how it turned out for you. I think it was good, but I'd love your input!

  10. a belated happy birthday.......

    to You.....

    have a good weekend