Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Where Have All The Flowers Gone

Long time passing.

(That's what I'm getting at.)

Where've I been? What've I been doing? What's going on? What's new?

Must be getting bad; even my Mom's been phoning to make sure my lack of blog fodder has nothing to do with death or disease.

Which it hasn't.

Mmm... just trying to eeease back into life.

Trying to find another new rhythm.

Trying to get the bookcase moved from the spare room to the basement.

Trying to organize my laundry/ sewing/ pottery room.

Practicing the piano accompaniment for Micah's trumpet solo at the Prince Albert Music Festival. Time and Date to be announced. Mother's need to know be damned.

You know.

Throwing away the last of the Wedding supper potato salad, and waiting, with longing eyes for the teen-tiny, itsy- bitsy patches of grass that are just barely beginning to be seen through the remaining 2 feet of standing snow in the back yard to GROW.

Looking for sparks of life on the gooseberry bush and in the strawberry bed- they being the only bits of flora to have emerged from winter, as they are on the south and east sides, respectively, of the house.


The air is more like spring most days than autumn.

The relative calm of the inhabitants of the house is refreshing and restful.

And life goes on.

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