Saturday, May 31, 2008

One A Day Plus Iron

Blogging, for me, is a bit like taking vitamins and regular exercise.

Something I should be doing everyday and something that makes me feel better when I do do it everyday.

I tend to think- "what will I write about today?!" or "Oh, no! The day is over and I haven't written anything..."

But then, like exercise, (or lack thereof...) if I neglect the blog for more than a day I think,  "meh, whatever. Life will go on."

And it does, but also like exercise, if I've been neglecting the blog it's harder to get writing again.

Part of the problem is the need to have something "post-able" to write about. Most... many...  days it feels like everything swirling around in my head is merely "compost-able" and spilling  my brains onto the screen will just smell up the place.

So, some days, rather than spew drivel, I just


I was at my friendly neighbourhood Chiropractor's today, and he gave me a good thought to end a Saturday on... for me, anyway!

Talking about becoming a "retired-stay-at-home-Mom", he suggested that these next few years, when Micah's gone all day and I'll be having a little more freedom, I'll be "semi-retired".

I liked that.


And that's a good thought to retire on.

Cue the little happy face icon.

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