Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Hate When This Happens

When I woke up this morning, it was all I could do to drag myself out of bed.

I'll have a nap this morning, I decided. After the dust settles.

But then I woke up a little more and thought,

Wait, now ... Micah leaves for school about the time Thomas gets up... and by the time he's gone, it's pretty much 10:00... and Micah will be back for lunch at 11:55 which means making lunch by 11:30 ... since there's not much time for sleeping this morning anyway,  I'll mix up some buns for supper, and maybe get a load of laundry through, then reserve the afternoon for napping.


It's 11:35. Time to make the boy's lunch.

And the bun dough is rising. And the bread dough is rising. (I went to make french toast for breakfast and found a moldy loaf of white bread) And 3 loads of laundry are on the line.

And although I still feel tired, I don't feel inclined to be reclined anymore.


The sheets are drying outside, and if I made the bed to have a rest, I'd just have to un-make it in order to re-make it later this afternoon. Doesn't that sound like too much work just for a nap? Especially when naps are negligible restoratives at the best of times.


I'll probably just muddle through, like I do.

Unless I start dropping things and hurting myself in a wave of general clutzy-ness.

And if my eye doesn't stop twitching...

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  1. Not a case of scrabulitis? Wondering after reading the last post. :)