Friday, June 6, 2008

If It Was The Other Way Around,

I told her, I would have waited a couple of months to come in.

If I was feeling this tired but was losing weight, I wouldn't have rushed over.

But, feeling this tired and gaining a few pounds, well, that's no good.

Not with thyroid surgery in my recent past.

So, now I wait for the blood test results to come back.

At least the pregnancy test was negative.


And last night my friend couldn't believe that I'd welcome menopause with open arms!

Come on! I said.

I'm 45!

My youngest child is 14!


When I'm staring retirement in the face I don't need that kind of job security.

So, since that explanation for symptoms is crossed off the list, I'm hoping it's the Big M, rather than a hypothyroid.

Although, I suppose hormones are still involved any way I look at it.

Maybe Honey and Cinnamon...


  1. As hypothyroidian and a menopausalite I have to tell you - take the thyriod problem. At least then you still have some hormones, even if they are coming out of a bottle.

  2. If you want to know if you're peri-menopausal then get an Inhibin B value on a day 4 to 6 blood sample (day 1 is the first day of heavy bleeding). Inhibin B level is related to the number of eggs that are maturing, and the closer you get to menopause, the fewer mature at once. FSH isn't a good marker, as a number of different factors control that.

    Hope your bod settles down soon.