Friday, June 13, 2008

It's Been A Day And A Half

Just feeling done.

Completely tired.

It was Play Day at school today, so we did the Parent Council complimentary Play Day hot dog lunch. There were several volunteers, and we were able to get everyone fed with a minimum of fuss.

And no left over hot dogs.

I'd like to think it was good planning, but I'm more inclined to believe it was pure luck.

At least everyone was fed.

And then I rushed home and did a quick change, and went with Micah to the funeral of one of the boys in his class.

A stupid, pointless death. And it frustrates me that God didn't answer our prayers the way we thought they should be answered. A boy who's 4 months from his 14th birthday shouldn't be dying like that. Nobody's fault; just a silly accidental slip and a twisted ankle and a damaged knee leading to a blood clot, leading to an untreateable virus, leading to death.

Pointless. And painful. And a class of 13- 15 year old kids who should be able to think they're immortal for a little longer. Kids who should believe in their invincibility for a few more years.

And then home to unresolved feelings.

A good day

A sad day.

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