Wednesday, June 18, 2008

It Might Be... It Could Be... It Is Possible...

That it just may all be coming together.

Even after a very short night. Not as short as His, but too short nonetheless.

I'm still not sure if the birds woke me up to the sound of the neighbours, or the neighbours woke me up to the sound of the birds just before 4:00 am.

In spite of that, I managed to keep to my planned schedule of events.

I've finished carving and painting a Celtic cross I've been working on. I got it moved to the Art Centre, and delivered to the firing shelf without mishap. Happily.

The diabetes meds are picked up so I won't run out over the weekend.

The groceries are bought, so we'll live to eat another day.

The raffle prize winners (all but one who has a weird fax machine beeping going on after 4 rings...) have been notified and the list of winners has been delivered to the school so they know what to give to whom when they start showing up to claim their prizes.

And the chicken even got in the oven for supper.

If I get the main floor vacuumed and the yams baked before 5:00, it will be a bonus.

Yeah... I should probably get that vacuum upstairs and do it. I've been at the computer for a few minutes now, and I recognize the symptoms of a major fade out coming on...

I foresee a very early night tonight.


  1. Well seeing that I was closest to the Neighbors, i think i got the worst of it. it kept me up all night.
    err, Morning.

  2. ha ha ha ha. welcome to the corner room micah! it will also be dreadfully hot in the summer and impossibly cold from september to october in the fall months when they refuse to turn on the furnace because they think its still summer. prepare to use about ten blankets plus pajamas.
    and oh, the floor in the upstairs living room is comfortable. you can still hear them from there, but its not as loud.