Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Fruit Of My Labours...

The raspberries are quickly ripening out there, which makes me think of picking, which makes me think of storing, which brings me to the freezer...

Some of last year's berries were made into juice for jelly and syrup, and were frozen for "later"... and there they stayed.


Today is "later".

For a bit of ever needed motivation, I decided to have buckwheat pancakes for breakfast.  How was this motivation?

Well... I reasoned that if the first of the 8 batches of jam, jelly and syrup that I plan to cook up today was the no sugar added raspberry syrup... it would get me cooking before breakfast so I could try some on my pancakes... which might help to start the ball rolling at a decent hour...

It was a good plan.

The pancakes were good, anyway.

And the syrup seems to have worked.

I'd better go see if I can get anything else done before lunch...


  1. MMMMM, raspberries. They're my favorite... Raspberry muffins, raspberries on ice cream, raspberry cheesecake, and raspberries right off the bush. Love it all!!

  2. Woops, that would be "Maureen".

    Have you tried the raspberry/cranberry ice cream that's in the cone shops this year? Yummy if you're a raspberry nut!

  3. Hm, funny...I have raspberries in the freezer for "later" from last year as well as last year's tomatoes for salsa. You're accomplishing more than I am, however!

  4. aaack! I haven't been in my garden in a couple weeks! I completely forgot about checking the raspberries!