Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Just The Facts, Ma'am

There was a serious looking envelope in the mailbox from SaskEnergy this morning.

I immediately started to calculate when I'd last paid the bill... but they were only concerned that we hadn't had a actual meter reading for more than 3 months.

They gave me 3 options for getting the information to them, so I chose to sign up to sign in... and have access to my account information online.

I think I also checked the box for having an e-bill sent out instead of paper...


I diligently trundled off to the laundry room, wrote down the numbers on the meter, then went back 3 times to double check when I found I had merely to make the magic dials on the website match the ones on my meter.

After I hit "submit reading", however, there was a mini problem...

Apparently there is a significant difference with the numbers I submitted, compared to what they think the numbers should actually be...

It seems to me that this happened the last time 2 of our children left home and we had a really low water meter reading... or gas... whichever meter box is outside by the back door... They read the meter at the end of September, after a month of being down to 2 children... and after phoning to see if we'd been away for a month promptly changed the meter, thinking the meter must obviously be giving faulty readings.

I forgot to tell them that we'd cut our household by 33.33*%...

I must remember these lifestyle changes when the SaskEnergy people phone... or come 'round...


What HAVE we been doing differently...

Thomas has been away for 2 weeks, which means 1 less computer sucking energy... it also means he hasn't been here to forget to turn bedroom, bathroom and basement lights off.

I've been hanging the majority of the laundry on the line to dry, so that major energy sucker's been having a rest.

It's been cool enough to not have the window air conditioner on but for maybe 2 half days, although the dehumidifier has been running quite steadily.

And... we've been a family of 3 for most of the summer- and will continue to be for another week or so more. I don't think all 4 of us will be home together again until nearly the first of August. And then we still have 3 weeks before Hillary's home for a week...


Don't forget to communicate these things to the Energy people.

Lest they rip apart the basement to exchange the meter there too.

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